Before i Begin

I’ve been telling myself for months now to declutter the house, but honestly, I’ve been too depressed to begin. I would get anxiety about my messy house, then curl into my bed and seep into my sadness about not being able to accomplish anything. This cycle has been going on for months.

I’m sure others can relate, it is hard whenever you can barely get up in the morning and then having enough energy to declutter, let alone clean the house! Normally cleaning is a task I love, I would do it for hours and make my place (decently) spotless. I fell back into my depression once again. I let dishes pile up, have a laundry mountain, I just DID NOT CARE!

But now, I am trying to care, trying to do what I haven’t for months and finally do what I have been wanting to do for months. Declutter the chaos that has become my house. I’m tired of all this crap in my house and I want it gone!