Decluttering my makeup

Today, I got up and I cleaned my makeup section. This time last year I would have been expanding my makeup section as I have been for the past 8 years. Probably in August 2017, I gave up makeup, I just didn’t care for it anymore. It’s hard for me to look in the mirror in general, to put on “my face”, I just give people what they get, my natural face. I have given up on makeup. It’s not me.

I tossed most of my makeup. I kept mascara, blush, and foundation. Originally, I kept more. I literally stopped writing mid-post when I started writing out what I kept. I got up, went to my makeup drawer and threw out more than half of what I left. I don’t know why I kept so much more than what I truly needed. I kept the basics in case I want to wear makeup (occasionally it happens) and tossed the rest.

Here are a few tips to help others to go through their beauty section:

  1. If it isn’t your shade, get rid of it
  2. Crappy make-up, if you hate the lipstick you are wearing because it always smears, get rid of it. I bet you can find almost the same color that doesn’t smear and you will enjoy your make up a lot more.
  3. Be realistic, how often do you use a smoky eye set? Once every 6 months is not worth having a whole palette of eyeshadows you maybe use twice a year.
  4. Ask yourself, would I buy this today? Is this still something I would want or am I keeping this because I feel guilty for trashing it.
  5. Realize expiration dates! It is recommended to change out your mascara every 6 months.

Here is a table for the average life for a makeup product

Powders – around 2 years

Foundations – 6-12 months

Creams – 12-18 months

Concealer – 6-12 months

Pencils – 12 months

Mascara – 3-6 months

Lipsticks – 12-18 months

I hope this can help some people. May your decluttering goals be attainable and in reach!






I wish I could explain the anxiety and restlessness I have right now.

I feel pins and needles all over my body. I want to calm down, I wish I could. I am too restless though, my legs cannot stop moving, a part of me needs to move. I feel like I drank 10 cups of coffee and on the brink of an anxiety attack. I have anxiety sitting down, anxiety standing up, I even have anxiety to go to the bathroom, I have anxiety writing these posts. It NEVER ends.

I wish I could explain some more…


Today, I told myself I cannot do anything. I woke up exhausted, sluggish and just feeling empty. Depression hurts, it hurts when I try to do simple things and still can’t. I felt worthless, not even worthy of doing anything. From not doing anything on my day off, I feel overwhelmed with missed opportunities. I have all this time to actually do something fun and yet, I am here on my couch mindlessly playing video games.

From my posts mentioning depression, I don’t want some pity party. I’m making these for me, maybe some people relate, maybe not. It hurts myself not being able to do simple tasks because I beat myself up about and lower my self-esteem. People without depression just say “well just get off your lazy ass and do it” ah yes! I haven’t thought of that; thanks for enlightening me! Thanks for reminding me that I am a lazy ass, thank you for not understanding what I go through daily.

I wish people could understand how I would like to be functional, free of my mind and all its demons within. I wish I could show people, breaking down and crying after doing the dishes shouldn’t happen, but it does to me. Hopefully, by cleaning my house it can get easier. I just can only hope.


Decluttering Tips

When it gets down to it, I just have too many clothes that I just do not wear. The pile contains all my shirts and JUST my shirts. It is overwhelming seeing how much I do own.



I was able to keep myself clear headed with some steps I followed throughout this process.

1. Avoiding the guilt trips of tossing out clothes a friend/relative gave me.

There are massive guilt trips associated with throwing out items that a friend/relative has gotten you. “I received this gift and I should wear it” always comes across my mind. I feel so guilty when the shirt gets tucked into the back of my drawers. I do not mean for it to happen, it just does because the shirt doesn’t fit my personality, it is not me.

I just really thought to myself, do I really wear this. The answer was no. I have had a shirt for YEARS that I never tossed because I felt too guilty. How many times have I received a shirt and had that friend/relative ask me how much I enjoy the shirt they got me…zero!

It is better to see the shirt gone from my drawers, I no longer feel guilty about it. I honestly feel better seeing the shirt gone for it isn’t a guilty reminder anymore lurking in the shadows.

2.  One time wear clothing.

Realistically, when has that time come that you bought a piece of clothing, wore it once, and the regretted that you paid so much money for it. Unfortunately, it can happen pretty frequently. Unless you are attending the Oscar’s and have money for gorgeous one-time wear dresses, it is unnecessary to purchase one-time items.

Tossing one time items is hard. Thoughts race through my head of “I can wear this here next time I go here” or “I can wear this fancy dress when I go to a nice restaurant”. I rarely ever wear dresses and I rarely ever go out to nice restaurants where I would want to wear a nice dress. I kept on creating fantasy stories of wear and when I would wear a nice dress. I cut to the crap with the dreams of wearing it somewhere extravagant. Truth is, I am not going to wear it.

Thinking realistically, I have no use for a dress I wore once. Even though I spent a good amount on the dress, it would have remained on its hanger for another couple of years before I would have worn it again.

3. It is just not “me”.

I have bought clothing in style. I have bought clothing that wasn’t me, thought it was me when I bought it. WRONG. Going along with trends can be frustrating, sometimes I do give in. Get something I would have never gotten in the first place, just because I see friends wearing it. If it isn’t me I shouldn’t wear it.

In my closet, I have a lot of darks and neutrals. I used to wear some pop of colors…sometimes. I decided to rid of a bright pink shirt that I did love years ago, but then I realized that it was not me anymore. I didn’t like wearing pink, I didn’t want to wear it. This shirt was a lot easier than some to rid of because it wasn’t my style anymore. Even though I still like the shirt, I just had no use for it anymore.

If clothes aren’t you, then get rid of them. I want to have a small closet filled with clothes that are my style, not the new trends that don’t match with what I like wearing.



Before i Begin

I’ve been telling myself for months now to declutter the house, but honestly, I’ve been too depressed to begin. I would get anxiety about my messy house, then curl into my bed and seep into my sadness about not being able to accomplish anything. This cycle has been going on for months.

I’m sure others can relate, it is hard whenever you can barely get up in the morning and then having enough energy to declutter, let alone clean the house! Normally cleaning is a task I love, I would do it for hours and make my place (decently) spotless. I fell back into my depression once again. I let dishes pile up, have a laundry mountain, I just DID NOT CARE!

But now, I am trying to care, trying to do what I haven’t for months and finally do what I have been wanting to do for months. Declutter the chaos that has become my house. I’m tired of all this crap in my house and I want it gone!